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The world’s first connected iron

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Laurastar Smart, the world’s first connected iron, applies the most advanced technologies to clothes care. A system that thinks on your behalf – like an ironing coach - and is thus a guarantee of the best possible ironing and effortless premium care. 


The Laurastar Smart ironing system connects to an application on your mobile.


Three personalised tutorial levels help you acquire expert ironing skills.

Visual Markers

The “Origami” cover extends the coaching: its lines also serve as visual markers designed to help better position and fold clothes.


A sensor built into the iron handle captures movements and triggers steam automatically.

No More Temperature Settings

The ideal temperature for the thermostat has been cautiously studied and selected for a perfect result on all fabrics

Intelligent Table

The 4-speed blower and vacuum system inflates the board with air to hold the fabric in place and prevent unwanted creases, or holds the clothes on the board for perfect folds.


Get to know Laurastar Smart and how to use the world’s first connected iron.


Become even better at ironing and acquire expert skills with the help of these three personalised tutorial.

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Your ironing coach

Your ironing system uses Bluetooth technology to connect to the mobile application and acts as your coach to beautify your clothes. Three types of video tutorials can offer assistance: they help with installation and basic ironing techniques, and give expert advice to iron silk, cotton and wool.

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The World’s First Connected Iron

Laurastar is at IFA with Laurastar Smart, the world’s first connected iron.

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This smart iron will cost you more than $1,000

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